Papa Phil’s Story

230  Days and Counting

Papa Phil with grandson

It’s life and Papa Phil just wants to live it.

Born and raised in Northwest Detroit, Phil Ross has been married to Debbi Ross for 40 years. This year during a trip to Utah, Papa Phil noticed he was experiencing significant shortness of breath quite easily. Upon medical review, Papa Phil was informed that without a donor kidney transplant he would be on dialysis in 5 to 6 months.

Papa Phil is excited for the new chapter of life in retirement where he can spend more quality time with his children and grandchildren.

Papa Phil Can, His Kidneys Can’t

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Phil and I have been married 40 years. Phil is the most dependable man I know.

Debbi, Wife

He is the greatest dad, grandpa, husband, and friend our family could ever ask for.

Brad, Son

He is always there for people in his life no matter what. Anyone who has him in his life is very fortunate.

Traci, Daughter

Papa Phil with son and grandson
Papa Phil & family enjoying vacations at Utah
Papa Phil with wife and grandson
Papa Phil with wife and daughter
Papa Phil with family
Papa Phil with the whole family


Some of the benefits to being a living donor include:

Giving a life back to someone special makes it possible for them to pay it forward and live a longer and better quality life!

The recipient will cover all of your expenses including lost wages, travel expenses, child care, medical expenses, etc.

Peace of mind that living kidney donors thrive with one kidney, just as they did with two kidneys.

Medical coverage for kidney-related health needs – for life.

Warranty for Life – all hero kidney donors go to the very top of the list if they ever were to need a kidney themselves.


Freedom from Dialysis

Not having to be connected to a machine for hours each day to live.


Being able to start to travel and spend time with his grandchildren while enjoying retirement.


The ability to eat normal food.


No restrictions on drinking sufficient water.


Lifespan and quality of life is drastically increased.


Not having to wake up six times a night to urinate.


A return to a normal, healthy lifestyle.

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Papa Phil at Son's Wedding
Papa Phil & family enjoying vacations at Utah
Papa Phil and wife enjoying football match
Papa Phil with wife enjoying at Utah
Papa Phil enjoying at Son's Wedding
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